Repair Questions & Answers


What can I repair with Repair?

From a pothole to a complete surface overlay

Do I need any other materials?

For overlays of existing asphalt or concrete – no. For repair of deep potholes it is recommended to fill the base with Repair Road Base material, covering with a 20mm layer of Repair cold asphalt. No tack coat is required

Can I use Repair on concrete repairs?

Yes, concrete cracks larger than 6,7mm can be in-filled using Repair. Concrete can be overlaid provided it is not a smooth surface. (roughen with a breaker)

What basic equipment do I need?

Hand stamper for small repairs (potholes under 1/2sqm), broom and a steel rake. Mechanical compaction such as double drum vibrating roller or plate compactor for larger areas. Do not use a rammer compactor.

Can the area be open to traffic immediately?

Yes. For straight through traffic. For car parking or areas, or areas where you have traffic turning on the spot, allow some time for curing. At high temperatures, dust the repaired surface with a fine sand/dust, in order to absorb any excess binder.

Must edges of repair be squared off?

No not necessary. Squaring off improves the final appearance, but Repair will adhere to any surrounding material of any shape.

Can Repair be overlaid or painted?

Yes, but ideally the area should be allowed to cure for +- 7 days.

Must I use all the material in one go?

Repair is packaged in convenient 25kg bags to minimise wastage with extended shelf life of 4 months if correctly stored. Repair contains volatiles which when exposed, evaporate so ideally open bags should not be kept.

How thin can I lay the material?

Repair can be laid as thinly as its smallest aggregate size -6,7mm (surface stripping) and its special adhesion agents will ensure bonding to the existing cleaned and prepared surface.

Where can I get it?

Repair is distributed through Registered Licensees, but also available from Regional Distributors and most Hardware Retailers. At Builders Warehouse you will find Builders Pride Cold Asphalt made to the same specification as Repair.

Can I work in the rain?

Yes – Repair contains adhesion agents not affected by water.

Always work safely on the roads!